What Even is a Panic Attack?

If you find yourself having chronic panic attacks, you should definitely see a doctor. There are medications and therapies that successfully treat panic disorders.

You could be watching TV, talking with friends, or even sleeping. All of the sudden, your heart starts racing. Your mouth goes dry. You start breathing rapidly and feel dizzy.

Panic attacks can happen even without an obvious cause. They can feel almost exactly like heart attacks. Something triggers your “fight or flight” response, flooding your brain with adrenaline. They can be terrifying and incapacitating.

To some degree, you have to “ride out” a panic attack. But you can get to the other side sooner by recognizing what’s happening. Try these steps:

  • Take control. Tell yourself (out loud!) that you are safe — this stops the rush of adrenaline.
  • Be present. Notice 3 things you see, 3 things you hear, and 3 things you can feel with your body (move your fingers, touch your clothes, etc.).
  • Breathe. If breathing slowly and deeply doesn’t help, try blowing out an imaginary birthday candle — steady but forceful.

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