What does your Taylor Swift Era say about your work ethic?

The biggest ticket of 2022-23 has been Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, for which millions of fans shelled out big bucks and dressed to impress. Each era in Tay-Tay’s career is marked by a distinct aesthetic — visually, musically, and emotionally.

Since she’s also one of the hardest working people in show business, we thought pairing her eras with your on-the-job style might be fun! As a bonus, we’ve suggested potential career paths for each one.

If your favorite Swiftie era is … … then you might: Career Suggestions


be lucky when others aren’t, know all the hot goss at work, and dress for the job you want (not the job you have).

retail sales manager,
paralegal, aesthetician

Speak Now

refuse to take attitude from anyone,
love the drama, and speak your truth.

registered nurse, fitness instructor, office manager


feel a bit lost or broken but determined
to make it, and love trying new things
or taking risks.

air traffic controller,
mechanic, civil engineer


be besties with all of your co-workers,
feel bold and strong, and put everyone
in a dancin’ mood.

hospitality or food service manager, preschool teacher


feel powerful but dark and moody,
leaning into the villain vibes and take
charge of your destiny.

court reporter,
MRI or ultrasound tech


bring the sparkle-rainbow-fun energy to the office and organize endless charity events.

HR assistant, veterinary tech


be more introspective and chill, looking to work as an escape from the madness of
the outside world.

IT tech or programmer,
long haul trucking, HVAC tech


get lost in your thoughts while working your shift and love sharing your dreams with
your work spouse.

dental hygienist,
medical billing

Be All You Can Be

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