What does your fave sport say about you?

Knowing what kind of work you are skilled at doing can be just as important as the work itself. Use our personality indicator to link your favorite sport to your key professional qualities.

Pro: You thrive when working alone but can also work productively in pairs if necessary. You’re good at tossing ideas back and forth with co-workers and keeping the discussion going. You go hard, and you know that practice makes perfect — but passion is really what matters.

Con: You’re going to have to find a way to work with a group.

Pro: You don’t mind contributing to a group goal, but you prefer to stay in your lane and grind it out. You’re a great strategizer and often see how each action will affect the outcome. You are a fun co-worker who organizes all of the office birthday parties.

Con: Your ego can get in the way of the team’s success. Remember to throw the ball occasionally instead of running it in.

Pro: You work quickly and efficiently, and you’re great at knowing your role within a team. You enjoy specializing in a few skills rather than knowing a little about everything. You work hard and play hard, and you’re not afraid to take a Hail Mary shot with a crazy idea if you see an opening.

Con: It’s okay to disagree with a colleague, but you can’t just start fistfights at the office.

Pro: You’re independent and self-motivated, and you can dedicate yourself to a long-term project. You’re not afraid to take risks, and you are detail-oriented. You are skilled in both collaboration and competition.

Con: Not everything is a competition! Sometimes, it’s okay to just relax and get the job done.

Pro: You are a great communicator and excel at evenly sharing a workload, but you aren’t afraid to step up and take the shot if that’s what it takes to get the win. You’re competitive but team-oriented, and you’re everyone’s work bestie.

Con: You’re inclined to say yes to everything until there’s too much on your plate.

Pro: You’re a great team player who doesn’t mind repetitive tasks and long-term goals. You thrive on energy and speed, but you’re also dependable and skilled. You’re especially adept at recognizing each co-worker’s contributions to a successful endeavor.

Con: You can get bogged down in the details and rely too much on your team to carry the day. Lift your head up and pay attention!

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