Transcript Glow-Up: Make Your Grades Look Good

With college admissions growing increasingly competitive, there’s a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about what colleges actually want to see. The formula seems to be pretty simple in most cases: increasing rigor and academic success.

Let’s break that down for a second. “Increasing rigor” means that you should consistently challenge yourself, taking more advanced classes each year. So it’s important to pace yourself.

Take an Honors class early on. Next year, take a couple. Junior year? Take some Honors and throw in an AP. Senior year? Take more AP classes.

“Academic success” provides the balance here. Especially in the first two years, it’s better to earn an A or B in a regular-level class than a C in an Honors class. Aim for classes that will push you but make you stronger. And increase the challenge at a manageable pace.

Remember: You don’t have to know everything and be good at everything from the jump.

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