State Universities

The State University System includes 12 universities making it the second-largest public university system in the nation.

DATA KEY: Enrollment: Undergraduates, Fall 2020. Tuition/Fees: For new undergraduate Florida resident at main campus per credit hour, Fall 2020. Room/Board: Double occupancy dorm room and meal plan for one academic year, 2020-21. Accepted: Percentage of first-time-in-college applicants admitted, Fall 2020. Deadline: Application deadline for Fall 2021 term; special financial aid and housing deadlines are listed first. Sources: State University System of Florida;; school websites.

Florida A&M University
(850) 599-3796
Enrollment: 8,504 | Accepted: 38% Tuition/Fees: $152
Room/Board: $12,084
Deadline: 5/1

Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton
(561) 297-3040
Enrollment: 23,424 | Accepted: 65%
Tuition/Fees: $203
Room/Board: $12,030
Deadline: 3/1, 5/1

Florida Gulf Coast University
Fort Myers
(800) 590-3428
Enrollment: 13,935 | Accepted: 77%
Tuition/Fees: $204
Room/Board: $9,672
Deadline: 4/1

Florida International University
(305) 348-2363
Enrollment: 48,818 | Accepted: 50%
Tuition/Fees: $219
Room/Board: $10,956
Deadline: Rolling, 6/28


Florida International University is a public research university with its main campus in University Park. Founded in 1965, it has quickly grown to become the largest university in the Greater Miami region.

Florida Polytechnic University
(863) 583-9050
Enrollment: 1,267 | Accepted: 50%
Tuition/Fees: $165
Room/Board: $10,580
Deadline: 11/1, 4/1

Florida State University
(850) 644-6200
Enrollment: 32,909 | Accepted: 32%
Tuition/Fees: $218
Room/Board: $11,472
Deadline: 10/1, 6/1


Florida State University is a designated preeminent state research university with FSU researchers recently awarded over $200 million to support biomedical, health sciences, nuclear physics and marine biology. FSU is home to many nationally ranked programs, including the sciences, arts, business, communication and the law. Students have over 700 student organizations, intramurals, entertainment options and service opportunities.

New College of Florida
(941) 487-5000
Enrollment: 861 | Accepted: 60%
Tuition/Fees: $231
Room/Board: $10,542
Deadline: 11/1, 4/15


New College of Florida students chart their own education through a well-rounded curriculum that integrates rigorous academics with career-building experience, individualized learning, and a vibrant campus life. New College and the University of Florida are launching an innovative, five-year dual degree program that allows students to earn a bachelor of arts degree in a liberal arts and science area of concentration from NCF and a bachelor of science degree in an engineering major from UF.

University of Central Florida
(407) 823-2000
Enrollment: 59,483 | Accepted: 44%
Tuition/Fees: $212
Room/Board: $10,300
Deadline: 12/1 for financial aid priority; 6/21, 5/1

University of Florida
(352) 392-1365
Enrollment: 40,651 | Accepted: 30%
Tuition/Fees: $213
Room/Board: $10,400
Deadline: 3/15, 11/1

University of North Florida
(904) 620-1000
Enrollment: 14,419 | Accepted: 41%
Tuition/Fees: $213
Room/Board: $10,000
Deadline: Rolling, begins 6/1


University of North Florida’s mission is to create the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and problem solvers using strong faculty engagement, individualized attention and real world experience to uniquely change the world. UNF offers over 100 degrees in five colleges and distinguished internships in health care, logistics, water and technology. Students from diverse backgrounds bring rich experiences to campus life, and there are countless opportunities in organizations, intramural sports, fraternities/sororities and community engagement. The beautiful campus includes a nature preserve and LEED-certified green buildings, reflecting UNF’s commitment to sustainability.

University of South Florida
Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota-Manatee
(813) 974-3350
Enrollment: 37,284 | Accepted: 37%
Tuition/Fees: $214
Room/Board: $12,256
Deadline: 1/1, 3/1


The University of South Florida is a designated preeminent state research university, at the forefront of innovation in medicine, science, engineering, social sciences and the arts. The USF system offers a myriad of programs and opportunities, including the new USF Jabil Innovation Institute. Students have over 700 official organizations ranging from social to academic, political to religious. The USF College of Public Health has 10 centers addressing global areas of public health importance and has the first accredited undergraduate public health degree in Florida.

University of West Florida
(850) 474-2000
Enrollment: 10,064 | Accepted: 52%
Tuition/Fees: $212
Room/Board: $9,740
Deadline: 12/1, 6/1

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