Letter from the Editor

I had a very special insight into your lives this year: my own kiddo was a high school senior. As we faced the whole “What are you going to do with your life?” scenario, we had arguments and moments of total agreement; exciting explorations and frustrating setbacks; and a whole mess of deadlines, score reports, applications, and frantic phone calls. It made me appreciate in a new way just how complicated and overwhelming your senior year can be.

So as we started thinking about this issue, it was really important to me that we try to provide a whole range of options for what comes next after high school. Sometimes it feels like the only path we heard about was high school, college, career. But I knew that wasn’t entirely accurate. For starters, I am the only person I know who ended up in a career that is directly related to my college major — although I’m still not doing exactly what I thought I would be.

That’s where the inspiration for “Bird’s Eye View” came from. We’ve collected stories from a bunch of successful adults who took the scenic route from Point A to Point B. Meet a law intern turned child psychologist, an Army mechanic who’s now a voice network engineer, a public librarian who studied sports medicine, and more. Together, they illustrate how every decision alters your path — but ultimately directs you to where you need to go.

And, of course, you’ll also find the same great mix of practical advice, fun quizzes, and pertinent information that NEXT always brings you. Regardless of the path you’re planning to take after graduation, we want to help you take those first steps. It’s time to choose your adventure: Will it be The College Route? The Professional Certification Path? or The Road to Work?

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Happy Trails!

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