How to Ace an Online Class

To graduate with a standard diploma, Florida requires all students to take an online course. Many students take H.O.P.E. or Economics online, and that exposure can be helpful
after graduation.

Two-year degree programs in General Studies can often be taken entirely online, and tons of employers require some sort of online human resources training. Knowing how to be successful in an online course, especially if it’s asynchronous, is key.

SET A SCHEDULE. While the flexibility of online classes is attractive for many reasons, it’s important to set a schedule that is consistent and works for you. Otherwise, the temptation to put things off until the last minute is too great.

PLAN AHEAD. Really read the syllabus and course schedule, and make sure that you have a plan, not just weekly but for the whole term. Be especially clear on when the major assignments are due and how long each will take.

BE PROACTIVE. Check your email; read course announcements; and reach out to the instructor with any questions or concerns. Just because a class is asynchronous doesn’t mean that the instructor is unreachable or uninterested!

HAVE INTEGRITY. With no supervision during work time, it’s tempting to “search it up” when you don’t know an answer. This is a great strategy if you want more examples or information, but you must still do original work. It’s the only way to actually learn the content and earn the certification.

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