Funding the Future

Want to get to work, but not sure where to start?

Workforce education has received significant attention and funding from the Florida legislature in recent years. Over $3.5 billion has been invested in professional and technical training programs and outreach efforts to find interested students.

Try Get There — an initiative from the Florida Department of Education dedicated to helping high school students identify potential career paths and get them started in training programs. Their website includes a helpful guide titled “Career Pathways,” which explains how to get from Point A (high school) to Point B (careers in agriculture, business and finance, health and human services, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, and more).

You can also check out the many organizations dedicated to helping you find the right job training. Florida Ready to Work, Apprentice Florida, CareerSource Florida, and Your Way all have websites with helpful resources and access to knowledgeable counselors.

If I could be famous, it would be in the medical field. I’m planning to major in molecular and cell biology and want to pursue a career in pathology to study and diagnose disease.

Madeline Boyd Fall 2023 • Freshman
University of Central Florida • Orlando

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