Are Teachers Misleading You?

Are Teachers Misleading You?

We’re going to let you in on a secret: In an effort to push you to become independent, life-long learners, teachers are intentionally misleading you about the nature of life after graduation. But they’re actually doing you a favor: pushing you to step up so that you’re ready for The Show.

1 There are no “do-overs.”

At most colleges, if you fail a course, you can re-take it and replace the grade on your transcript. You’ll have to pay for it a second time, and it might delay your graduation, but you can re-take it. And if you do a poor job on a work task, you’ll almost certainly be given feedback and made to redo it.

2 You can’t turn in work late.

It’s true that some professors will not accept late work. But most will — if you reach out before the deadline, explain your challenge, and ask for a small extension. In extreme circumstances, you can even request an Incomplete for a course so that you can finish the work after the end of the semester. In the workplace, you should (of course) be as timely as possible, but everyone misses a deadline now and again. Just be communicative and upfront in such cases.

3 You have to follow the “rules.”

In both college and work, you will be treated as the adult you have become. You don’t need to ask to use the restroom or wait for a teacher to appear before entering a classroom. You don’t need someone else to make basic decisions for you, like when and where to write your name on an assignment or how to name a file. Professors and managers will entrust you to make good choices.

4 You’re on your own.

College especially (but early-career jobs, to a lesser extent) is a time for you to learn to be independent. But it is a huge mistake to assume that means no one will help you when you need it. Part of being an adult is forming — and utilizing — a support network. Professors, counselors, RAs, advisors, mentors, and supervisors are all there to help you be successful — but they can only do that if you let them know when you need help. There is no shame in that game!

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