Your First Month Alone


  1. Week 1: SPACE Try to get your room set up so that it’s easy to find things and put them away. Space is at a premium, especially in dorms, so now’s a good time to become BFFs with plastic crates, IKEA boxes, and Pinterest-worthy schemes for hanging stuff on your walls. Embrace the Command Strip.
  2. Week 2: MONEY Establish a budget — and stick to it. Talk to your roommates about shared expenses like groceries and cleaning supplies. Be honest about what you can comfortably spend. Remember to budget for fun stuff, too. Set up online bill pay — it will be a lifesaver when you have a busy month.
  3. Week 3: SCHEDULE Get used to using one reliable method — phone, watch, calendar, bullet journal. Enter All The Things: classes, work shifts, date nights, and most importantly, the chores schedule you made with your roomies. You did that, right? No? DO IT NOW.
  4. Week 4: CELEBRATE! You survived your first month! Buy yourself a pizza and call your mom. Then pay your rent.

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