Tough Questions to Ask on a Campus Tour

How many students graduate in four years?
[Remember, when it comes to school, the longer it takes, the more money you spend on tuition.]

How many students are employed or enrolled in graduate school within a year of graduating?
[Every college and university is supposed to maintain these figures and make them accessible.]

Does the college help students find internships?
[It’s a common dilemma: You need experience to get experience. What resources does the school have to help you with finding and applying for internships?]

Extra Credit
Don’t just talk to your tour guide, talk to real students!

“Every school is right for someone, but every school isn’t right for everyone. By visiting the campus and talking to students, you can see if a school is a good fit for you. You can also learn about opportunities to get involved on campus. Ask as many questions as possible. It’s the best way to learn what student life is like.”

Al Theard, 19, sophomore at Florida SouthWestern State College