The Best Decision I Made in High School

Stay[ing] in-state for college. I didn’t get the financial aid I needed for out-of-state, and I wanted to save money for grad school.”

Catherine Discenza, 18
University of Florida

Dual enrollment at the University of West Florida. Being able to get a jump-start on my bachelor’s degree is an opportunity I’m incredibly grateful for.”

Megan Brown, 16
Booker T. Washington High School

Learning to do things for me and not for anyone else. Being a female weightlifter motivates me to continue being active and to become the best athlete I can.”

Christian Pommells, 18
Archbishop McCarthy High School
Southwest Ranches

Start[ing] my own UNICEF club. I learned so much about leadership and community that I could not have learned anywhere else. It also felt nice to join with others to talk about global issues.”

Vianny Collazo, 18
University High School

Going on college tours. Being on campus at Full Sail introduced me to the real process of recording arts, and I learned that I want to work in music production and music psychology.”

Harrison Lundy, 18
Kids Community College Preparatory

Doing both marine science and technology programs. I have met so many people and made a lot of friends from doing both. I’ve learned more skills that I can use in the future that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.”

Owen Farris, 17
Lakewood High School
St. Petersburg

Joining the senior girls’ volleyball team in grade 11. I have always been a shy and reserved student, and joining the volleyball team was a way for me to get involved in my school and to sort of break out of my shell. I barely made the team, but I gained a lot of confidence in myself, and I learned the importance of communicating and cooperating with others.”

Savannah Handfield, 18
Southeastern University,


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