The 5 W’s of Scholarships

The 5 W’s of Scholarships

WHO is eligible? You don’t have to demonstrate financial need and/or be super smart to get a scholarship. There are so many different scholarships available; pretty much everyone is eligible for something.

WHAT types of scholarships are out there? Need-based scholarships are for people who may not be able to afford a college education. Merit-based scholarships are for students who exceed at academics, sports, arts, music, etc. You might be eligible based on your ethnic background, the school you plan to attend, or even where you went to high school.

WHEN do I apply? Start looking for scholarships at the end of your junior year to get a head start on the competition. Most applications are due at least one semester before the money will be used.

WHERE do I find them? Your guidance counselor and the financial aid officers at the school you plan to attend are excellent resources.

WHY should I apply? Dude, it’s free money! For some students, a scholarship can open the doors to schools, higher education degrees and other possibilities you never thought were possible.