Mentors Matter – How to find a match

A mentor is someone, usually an adult, who helps you achieve your goals. By sharing what they’ve learned from their life experiences, they can help you overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.

How To Find A Mentor

Define your goals
Know what you’re looking for in a mentor. Is it someone who has a job you’re interested in pursuing? By defining your needs and goals, people are more empowered to help you.

Tip: Never ask someone if you can “pick their brain.” Most professionals consider this phrase a huge turnoff.

Start with your network
Ask your family and friends’ families if they know someone who might be interested in working with you. You’re more likely to find someone through a mutual connection than by contacting a stranger out of the blue.

Don’t make it all about you
While much of the relationship will be focused on helping you grow as an individual, your mentor should also benefit from the experience. This can be accomplished by talking to them about your life and experiences. Also, don’t expect the mentor to do all the work. Come armed with questions and be able to define your goals for the relationship.

Let mentors know how they helped
Don’t just ask a few questions and then ghost your mentor. Let them know how their advice helped you achieve a goal or solve a problem. They’ll be more likely to help you in the future.


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