Letter from the Editor

Every year, the team at NEXT works hard to bring you the most current and helpful advice on how to live your best life, both before and after your high school graduation. This year’s issue feels especially relevant because we took a bit of a backseat on both the content and the writing to make room for your voices.

We’ve dedicated the Trending section to student newspapers, which are such a crucial vehicle for saying what matters to you. You’ll find profiles of some very impressive young journalists, along with their favorite stories and a few pieces highlighting the benefits of working for the school paper.

Elsewhere, you can read about how other extracurriculars played a key role in students’ lives, including martial arts (read about Topher Mowry), mural club (read about Abbie Garretson), Latin club, even circus performing (read about Kat Dancourt). If you’re more focused on academics right now, flip to the Learning section and find out about dual enrollment and AP classes — in the words of students who’ve been there.

You’ve got a lot going on outside of school, too, so check out our reading recommendations and financial advice. Then, head to a quiz on your roommate IQ before dreaming about your future career(s) in the Working section. New this year is the NEXTGen feature which introduces you to college students and recent grads who are changing the fields of science, business, and tech. Read about how really good hot sauce inspires high school entrepreneurs and impacts their community (read about Dieulerne Deceus and Yvelande Astreide).

If you’ve got a story to share (about school, work, or just life) we want to hear from you! Submit a story idea, take some fun quizzes, or fill out a survey telling us what you want to see in the 2023 issue. Bonus: Sign up to receive college information and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of three drawings for a $500 Amazon gift card!

Let’s chat soon!

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