How To Hack Google

Get the most out of your searches with these tips.

Exclude a word
Say you want to learn more about the Seminole tribe of Florida, but you keep getting results about Florida State University’s sports teams. You can exclude the word “FSU” from your search and get more focused results with the following search:
Florida Seminoles – FSU

Set a 30-minute break between study sessions
Use Google to keep you on schedule.
set a timer for 30 minutes

Search for multiple phrases
You can enter more than one search into Google at a time, just use a capitalized “OR” in between each term. Use the following to find out more about colleges and universities in Florida:
Florida colleges OR Florida universities OR Florida state colleges

Search a specific domain
During your research, you find a lot of great information on the Florida Department of State’s website. If you wanted to search for more information on just this site, you can use the following:
site: history

Translate from a foreign language
How do you say “I am from Florida” in French? Just ask Google!
how do you say I am from Florida in French

Catch a movie
Just type “movies nearby” and Google will give you a list of options based on your location.
movies nearby

Perform calculations
Simply type in a complex problem and get results instantly.
1238 – 87 * 62 + 8/9 =