Get to Work!

There are lots of great reasons to enter the workforce right after graduation. Maybe you’re saving up for college; maybe you aren’t sure what you want to do; maybe you have a solid skill set already and want to start on a career ASAP. Regardless, there are lots of great jobs out there for you.

Before we look at some of the best career choices, let’s talk about the job search itself. First, tell everyone you know that you’re looking for a job. You never know who’s going to hear that at exactly the right moment. Second, read job postings carefully and apply only if you know that you fit the description. Since want ads went digital, companies are flooded with candidates who apply to everything. Make yourself stand out by making it clear that you read the ad. Finally, take the time to reach out personally, beyond any hiring platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn. Call, email, or even go in to drop off a resume and say hello.

Now onto the good stuff. We’ve weighed job availability and growth, along with required training or certifications, average pay, and other benefits, to bring you our top picks.

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