Get Certified!

There are lots of viable and potentially lucrative career paths out there that don’t depend on a college degree. IT, health care, hospitality, transportation, and beauty all offer a host of skills-dependent jobs with various levels of certification.

Read on to find out about some of the most in-demand certifications.

There are a ton of certifications for IT professionals. Bonus: A lot of them simply require you to pass an exam rather than enroll in a course! Some cover specific manufacturers and programs, like Cisco and Microsoft, while others, like CompTIA A+, address general hardware and troubleshooting. From there, it depends on your particular branch of IT: cybersecurity, project management, cloud computing, databases, and more.

Beauty and Aesthetics
To work in this field, most positions require a beautician’s license, for which you’ll need to attend a cosmetology school. Here, you’ll learn the skills and safety procedures necessary for a rewarding career in aesthetics. Some parts of these programs may be available online, but you’ll have to do a lot of the hands-on work in person.

Florida’s biggest industry comprises jobs in tourism, lodging, entertainment, and food. There are state-level certifications for future managers as well as company- and organization-specific certifications. You can become qualified for all aspects of event planning, catering, food safety, training, sales and marketing, and sanitation.

If you’re interested in our state’s flourishing transportation and warehousing industry, you can pursue a commercial driver’s license or pilot’s license. You can get certified as a supply chain professional or forklift operator, receive OSHA and HAZMAT training, or become a project manager.

Health Care
The number of opportunities for health care professionals in Florida increases everyday. Online or in person, you can earn certifications as a nurse’s assistant, medical assistant, or home health aide. There are specialized certifications, too, for things like medical coding and equipment (EKG or radiology), or phlebotomy, behavior, or pharmacy tech.

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