First Thing First

Getting your diploma is essential.

high school diplomaIn case you haven’t noticed, looming over your sunny future like a Florida thundercloud are the decisions you need to make about what you’re going to do after high school: Should you go to college? Career or technical school? Take a gap year to volunteer or study in another country? Join the military? Go right to work? Yikes, lightnin is about to strike, even though you may be just fresh out of middle school! But before you get too stressed out about the future, know that staying in high school to earn your diploma is the first important step to success in life — more important than you may realize.

It’s the ticket

  • You can’t pursue higher education at any college or university without a high school   diploma.
  • Many employers won’t even open the door for you to apply if you don’t have that piece of paper.
  • High school graduates earn $143 more per week than dropouts; college graduates earn $336 more per week. Dropping out of high school could equal a $479 loss of weekly earning power.

Beyond the job

A high school diploma means more than just greater job access. With a diploma you have a much better chance of living above the poverty line, which means you are more likely to qualify for loans for a home, a car or more schooling.

Your sense of accomplishment from graduating will make you feel good about yourself, boost your self esteem and allow you to be an excellent role model to younger siblings or even your own children (waaaay) down the road. That in turn will make them more likely to stay in school. Voila, you’ll be improving not just your own future, but also that of others, now and for generations to come.

highschool diploma
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