Do This Before the Test

First off, breathe! Be prepared with a few simple steps.

You got this. Be prepared!

Learn to breathe and be present.
This will curb some of the anxiety. Check out a YouTube video about mindfulness and positive self-talk.

Stay organized.
This means keeping your notes tidy and together, but it also means setting alarms so you don’t overdo it — or oversleep on test day.

Arrive early.
This will prevent more anxiety brought on by a rush of cortisol to your brain (the “fight or flight” response).

Create a consistent routine for studying well in advance of the test.
Eat healthy, get some sleep, listen to music, and choose a comfy spot to study that’s not your bed.

Talk to professionals, like your counselor, teachers, or advisor.
Obvs you can talk to friends or family — just don’t dwell on the stress of the test. Talk about how you’re going to ace it and how good you’ll feel afterward!

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