Countdown to Graduation

Ideally, every Florida student will begin thinking about life after graduation no later than the start of their junior year of high school. Our timeline can help you plan for what you need to do and when — but remember, this is just a starting point.

Junior year


• Make an inventory of your skills, talents, and interests, and take personality and career tests at 

• Meet with your guidance counselor. 

• Begin researching fields and careers. 


• Give serious consideration to your post-graduation pathway. 

• Talk to your family and/or guidance counselor about location and finances. 

• Complete some test prep for the SAT or ACT. 


• Take the SAT or ACT. 

• Create a calendar for application and funding deadlines and requirements.

• Make a “long list” of schools, foundations, or work opportunities.

• Visit the campus of as many schools on your long list as possible.


• Research scholarships and grants.

• Begin completing the Common App and drafting admissions essays. 

• Get a summer job related to your intended field of study. 

• Reach out to professionals in your fields of interest. 

• Continue test prep for the SAT or ACT, on your own or through a tutor or course.

• Create a “short list” of schools or programs to which you will apply. 

Senior year


• Re-take the SAT, if needed.

• Complete program/school applications.

• Research vocational and certificate programs. 


• Continue pursuing funding. 


• Re-connect with potential employers. 

• Make your final decision! 

• Complete the FAFSA. Remember to check the state and federal

• Contact the Office of Financial Aid at your chosen school about additional funding. 

• Register for fall classes. 

• Begin filling out job applications for summer work. 

You made it

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