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Hey, How’d You Do That?

Ever wonder how some students score such cool jobs and internships? We caught up with two recent college grads to find out their secrets.
Your Biggest Fear Could Be Your Greatest […]

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What’s Your Fancy?

Use this quiz to discover your interests. Simply check the activities in the left column that you’re most excited about. Add up your checks and find the corresponding list of […]

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Get Rich Tips

There’s a big payoff in learning to keep track of your money.
Gail Wean has been managing her money since she was 14 and working at her father’s gas station in […]

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Get a Charge Out of It

There are pros and cons to credit cards. “Would you like to save 10 percent on your purchase today?” Who hasn’t been tempted by that question when checking out at a […]

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You in a Few Words

Your college application essay speaks volumes about you. 
Two people who know a lot about writing, Roy Peter Clark and Kelly McBride, share some helpful suggestions about making the most of […]

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Apply Yourself

Fine-tune your resume and your interview skills to land that job.
One way to make sure your resume portrays the best you: Make friends with a monster.

As in www.monster.com or another of the many job search […]

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Not Sure?

Here are some tips to help you know what you want to be when you grow up.

There are hundreds of career options out there. How do you make a choice when you […]

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Learn While You Earn

Pre-apprenticeships, internships and job shadowing provide more than money.
Apprenticeships arrangements in which employers provide on-the-job training and education to produce the highly skilled workforce they need are becoming increasingly prevalent […]

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Alternate Routes

Not everyone takes the same path to success.

With more than 800,000 public high school students in Florida, it’s obvious not all will know what they want to do in life, and not all will […]

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Working It

Part time or full time, a job is a good habit.

When Savannah Cuttitta went looking for a job in high school, she didn’t know the search would take her six […]

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