High School Yearbook

Real Statistics

How much is it worth to keep going with your education? The answer: A lot!
Did you know that someone with a bachelor’s degree can earn nearly twice as much money […]

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Can YOU Handle This?

5 things you gotta master before leaving home.
1. Cook three meals. These don’t have to be complicated. Think: grilled cheese sandwiches, a can of spaghetti sauce over some noodles with […]

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Same as You but Different

Finding out what makes you different could be the best lesson you ever learn.

Alexandra Hegarty, now 24 and a sophomore at Beacon College in Leesburg, deals with ADHD, anxiety disorder, […]

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First Things First

Getting your diploma is essential.
In case you haven’t noticed, looming over your sunny future like a Florida thundercloud are the decisions you need to make about what you’re going to […]

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High School Do’s and Don’ts

Take these steps in high school and you’ll be REALLY ready for the The Future.

Even freshmen can prepare for the college application and admission process. Trust us, staying […]

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You, Online

Keep your head about you when using networking sites and apps.
The Internet, social media and Web applications have made it easy to connect with people you know and people you don’t, […]

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Go Away! Study Abroad or Volunteer

Summers abroad or volunteering stateside during and after high school provides valuable life experiences that make you ready for success.
Whether it be in the summer or during high school, or […]

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Money Saving Magic

Putting your earnings away for college and beyond is hard work, but a little creativity goes a long way.
Finding a way to make money is only half of it. You […]

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