Careers in Popular Majors

How do you decide on a major?

Maybe it’s the department that felt most welcoming to you, or the classes that were the most exciting, or the teachers who were the most inventive.

Maybe it felt like a great foundation for any future career, or it would help you be a better person, or it would teach you how to be a more involved citizen.

Maybe you were thinking about what you could spend the rest of your life doing, or what would make you the most money, or what would guarantee you a job.

Most likely, you think about a lot of these factors, then decide which are most important to you. While NEXT can’t check the vibe of a department or know your political leanings, we can give you a cheat sheet on which majors are super popular, some careers they prepare you for, and the skills they’ll help you develop — many of which will help you in any field.

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