Be Your Best Self Advocate

Know what you need and remember to reach out for help.

You Got This. Be Loud.

Know what you need.
You are the best person to evaluate your strengths and opportunities.

Identify the person in the best position to support you.
Emotional troubles? Friends, family, or counselors. Academic troubles? Teachers, advisors, or classmates.

Know that most people, even teachers, are willing to help.
But they can’t read your mind! You deserve support, and you are allowed to ask for it.

Reach out to someone in that position.
This is the hardest bit! Remember that everyone needs help — and those who ask for it tend to get it sooner.

Be clear about what you need and how that person can help you.
Try saying: “I need someone to listen without telling me how to fix it. Are you available for this?” or “I am struggling to get the notes written while also listening carefully. Would you prefer that I record the lectures or get a copy of the notes from you?”


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