Activity: Veteran to Entrepreneur

Florida State Standards

Strand ELA.12.R: Reading

Standard 3 ELA.12.R.3: Reading Across Genres

ELA.12.R.3.2: Paraphrase content from grade-level texts.

Strand ELA.12.C: Communication

Standard 1 ELA.12.C.1: Communicating Through Writing

ELA.12.C.1.2: Write complex narratives using appropriate techniques to establish multiple perspectives and convey universal themes.

Teacher Needs

NEXT magazine article “Veteran to Entrepreneur”

Computer with MS Word or MS PowerPoint

Data Projector

Printer and printer paper

Student Needs

NEXT magazine article “St. Pete Native Goes from Veteran to Entrepreneur”

Computer with MS Word or MS PowerPoint

Internet access

Printer and printer paper

Teacher Transcript

  1. Teacher: Read the NEXT article, “Veteran to Entrepreneur”. It takes a lot of effort to start a business. ShaKeia Kegler had the perseverance and ambition and drive to follow her dream. Using her past military experience and education she was able to make her passion a realty today.
  2. Teacher: Becoming an entrepreneur certainly has its advantages as well as disadvantages. The life of a business owner is not always full of glamour and recognition, nor is it always profitable at first.
  3. Teacher: Your task for this activity is to create a business plan to start your own business. On the board you will find the information for this task.
  4. Teacher: Post the following information on the board using a data projector and MS Word or MS PowerPoint.
  5. Teacher: When you have completed the activity, print and post it on the bulletin board to share with others.

The Road to becoming an Entrepreneur

  • Your first step is to decide what kind of business will you start. Will it be a service business, such as cleaning homes, or will it be selling a good, like ice cream?
  • Now write a brief description of your intended businesses. Remember this information will eventually be seen by investors so be sure to include as much detail as possible and be careful with your spelling and grammar.
  • Follow the suggested template below to create your business plan.

Name of Proprietor (your name)

Proposed Name of Business

Description of Business

Comments concerning known competition in the local area

Target audience (who will buy this good or service)

Marketing plan (how will you advertise your business)

Financial plan (how much money do you think you might need to start up this business)

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