Activity: Planting the Seed

Florida State Standards

Strand ELA.12.R.C: Communication

Standard ELA.12.C.5: Creating and Collaborating

ELA.12.C.5.2: Create, publish, and share multimedia texts through a variety of digital formats.

Strand ELA.12.C: Communication

Standard ELA.12.C.4: Researching

ELA.12.C.4.1: Conduct research on a topical issue to answer a question and synthesize information from a variety of sources.

Strand ELA.12.V: Vocabulary

Standard 1 ELA 12.V.1: Finding Meaning

ELA.12.V.1.1: Integrate academic vocabulary appropriate to grade level in speaking and writing.

Teacher Needs

Laptop/desktop with MS Word or MS PowerPoint

Data projector

White board

Internet access

NEXT magazine

Printer/printer paper

Student Needs

Laptop/desktop with MS Publisher or MS Word

Internet access

NEXT magazine


Teacher Transcript:

  1. Teacher: “Read the NEXT article “Planting the Seed”. As you are reading keep in mind what your goals are for post high school graduation.
  2. Teacher: You might not have had the same internship opportunity as Jessica Velte, but at this point in high school you probably have given thought to your career plans. In this activity you will research two of your career goals. You will be looking for not only the skills and education required, but the possibility of an internship program in your chosen field of study.
  3. Teacher: I will display the instructions for this activity on the board.
    1. Your first task is to decide what two careers you are most interested in pursuing. They can be related such as Forensic Pathologist and Forensic Photographer, or maybe you are undecided between two unrelated careers. Either is fine for this activity.
    2. Research using the internet the education required
    3. Look for the employability skills and soft skills needed.
    4. Search for possible internships locally where you might be able to spend time learning and observing what just might be your future career. (HINT: use an online source such as Jobs-bear or for internship opportunities.)
    5. Create a pamphlet displaying all the information you have researched. Include pictures of the careers. You might also want to include salary ranges.
    6. Proofread and make any changes.
    7. Print
    8. Display on bulletin board

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