ACTIVITY: Learning Accommodations in College: Who, What, Where, When, Why?

Florida State Standards

SP.PK12.US.3.4:  Apply skills that promote self-awareness and goal setting to meeting educational and personal needs to increase self-determination including use of accommodations and assistive tools, as appropriate.

SP.PK12.US.7.4:  Identify needs and request assistance with own communication system

SP.PK12.US.5.2:  Communicate messages and ideas clearly and effectively in a variety of situations.

Teacher Needs

NEXT article “Learning Accommodations in College:  Who, What, Where, When, Why?


Internet access

Ability to view video presentation

Student Needs

NEXT article “Learning Accommodations in College:  Who, What, Where, When, Why?


            Internet access

            Cell phone that can video presentation


After reading the article in NEXT magazine entitled; “Learning Accommodations in College:  Who, What, Where, When, Why?” Read and complete the following associated activity.

In order to self-advocate, you must have self-awareness of your needs.  Assessing your needs is all about knowing and being aware of your strengths and weaknesses. The final piece to self-advocacy is knowing where on campus to go to actually and fulfill those needs. 

If you have had accommodations in high school, the first thing you should do is obtain such documentation as IEP’s or 504’s.  This information will help you as you explain to your college counselor what you believe will help you continue to move towards success in your college years. 

Let’s do some online research.

Task 1:   

  1. Read the following article,
  2. Take a few minutes to create your own list of strengths and weaknesses. This will give you the information you will need to advocate for yourself in order to obtain accommodations in college.

Task 2:   

  1. Choose 1 public college/universities and 1 private college/university in Florida. Browse their websites and decide which college administrative department would best be suited to help with student accommodations. 
  2. Call or email this department and ask if it is the correct place to discuss student accommodations. (If not, ask which department would be available to discuss student accommodations.)
  3. Your task at this point is to interview one person from that specific department about the process a college student must adhere to in order to obtain accommodations as a freshman (first year student) at their university/college.
  4. Using your cell phone create a (video log) vlog that explains and outlines the interviewer’s information and the suggestions for self-advocacy for each of the schools chosen. Include your own thoughts on your research.

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