I’m 18. Now What?

New Rights. New Responsibilities.
Turning 18 is so exciting! You’re officially an adult now, which means some new rights and a ton of new responsibilities.

Curious what you’re in store for? Check […]

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Survival Skills

Master these skills now to get a head start on real life.
Are you ready for life after high school? For most students this will be your first time living on […]

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These Jobs Need You!

Some industries are practically begging for help.
Did you know there’s a worker shortage in Florida? Several industries throughout the state are having a hard time finding people to hire. This […]

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How To Hack Google

Get the most out of your searches with these tips.Exclude a word
Say you want to learn more about the Seminole tribe of Florida, but you keep getting results about Florida […]

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Is the Military Right for Me?

Joining the JROTC was a smart decision.
I joined my school’s Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program sophomore year to learn how the military might help me reach my […]

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Don’t Get Sucked in by Fake News

How can I be sure the information I read online is real?
If you think about it, fake news is a lot like gossip: it’s based on opinions rather than facts; […]

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The Price of Independence

How much is this whole adulthood thing gonna cost you? Let’s break down the basics.
On the low end, a four-person dorm room costs a little more than $2,200 per semester. […]

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Ace That Interview

These body language tips could land you a job.

It’s not just what you say; it’s how you say it. Experts say our body language can be just as important — […]

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Soon-To-Be Famous Floridians

Meet five Florida students who are destined for GREATNESS.

What’s it like running a multimillion-dollar business while you’re in high school? Or juggling a world tour with a pre-med course load? […]

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Hey, How’d You Do That?

Ever wonder how some students score such cool jobs and internships? We caught up with two recent college grads to find out their secrets.
Your Biggest Fear Could Be Your Greatest […]

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