Become a Student of the WORLD

Learning a second language could expand your life and even help you earn more money.

There are lots of reasons to study a foreign language. For starters, admission to Florida’s public universities requires two courses in the same world language. So if college is where you’re headed, make sure you’ve checked those boxes before graduation.

Want to be a more attractive job candidate? With a second language on your resume, employers will know you can help their businesses expand into Egypt or open new plants in Peru.

And how cool would it be to ask passersby in Paris for directions to the Louvre or chat with shop owners in Shanghai?

If world language classes haven’t been part of your high school curriculum so far, don’t despair.

Consider taking free language classes through Florida Virtual School (FLVS), which offers year-round enrollment and 24/7 course availability with classes in Chinese, French, Latin and Spanish. Or check out these other ways to get started.

Most high schools and colleges offer foreign language classes. If you need extra help, you can hire a private tutor or find a local language group on sites like

Mango Languages

Outside school, unlock more than 70 languages with Mango Languages online courses. Chances are you’ll be able to access it for free through your school or local library.

Rosetta Stone

If you’ve got some cash to spare, Rosetta Stone is the mack daddy of computer language programs. It analyzes your pronunciation and also includes lessons in spelling and grammar. Courses start around $250, less with special offers.

Pimsleur Method

This series of audio recordings teaches you pronunciation and grammar and also includes a few cultural tips. Because it’s an audio file, you can practice while driving or walking to class. Recordings may be available from your local library.


Lessons on this free app are broken down by topic (eating, numbers, shopping), and the portability allows you to practice anywhere. Duolingo gamifies the process by giving you points for every course you complete.