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Scholarship Search Sites

Online search engines are a great place to look for scholarships. These sites ask you to create a profile and match you with targeted scholarships. Many sites offer active lists […]

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Homesickness Happens

Preparing while you’re still at home may help.
You’re moving away from home, going out on your own and completely changing your life and routine. This is a big deal. Homesickness […]

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Get Smart Guide

Florida’s public and private colleges and universities, state colleges and career/technical schools offer a range of degrees, certificates and experiences. Whichever path you choose, you can find the right place […]

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Now’s the Time to ACT!

What to do — and when to do it — to take charge of your future.
By the start of junior year, you should have …
• Taken the PSAT a half […]

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Take Charge of Your Health!

Stressed out? Sniffling? Sneezing?
Welcome to College!

Every year the Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness at Florida State University issues a survey asking students what prevents them from succeeding academically. The […]

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Become a Student of the WORLD

Learning a second language could expand your life and even help you earn more money.

There are lots of reasons to study a foreign language. For starters, admission to Florida’s public […]

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Apps to help YOU Take Charge

Use these apps to save time and money, stay organized and ensure you never miss a deadline.

One of the toughest parts of writing a research paper is the […]

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Take Charge of Your Online Presence

Alecia Jurado, social media community coordinator at Tampa’s Schifino Lee Advertising + Branding, gives you the inside scoop on how to take charge of your online presence

I graduated in 2010 […]

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10 Ways to Get Career Experience

Fact: Employers prefer to hire people who have experience. But how do you get that precious experience if no one will hire you without it? Here are 10 easy ways […]

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Hey, How’d You Do That?

Ever wonder how some students score such cool jobs and internships? We caught up with two recent college grads to find out their secrets.
Your Biggest Fear Could Be Your Greatest […]

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