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Contributing Billions to Education

Supporting Future Leaders Like You
At the Florida Lottery, we understand that a good education is the key to success and that today’s students represent tomorrow’s workforce. A highly skilled workforce […]

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What If I Hate My Roommate?

Sharing space, stuff and bills with another person can be challenging.
For many students, the dorms are your first experience living independently (as in, no parents!) with people your own age. […]

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There Was No Way I Was Going To College…

Now I work with NASA!

Gabie Martines’ dad is a firefighter. Her mother is a stay-at-home mom. There was always enough money to make ends meet, but the idea of paying […]

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I’m 18. Now What?

New Rights. New Responsibilities.
Turning 18 is so exciting! You’re officially an adult now, which means some new rights and a ton of new responsibilities.

Curious what you’re in store for? Check […]

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Survival Skills

Master these skills now to get a head start on real life.
Are you ready for life after high school? For most students this will be your first time living on […]

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4 Critical Questions To Ask Yourself

The answers will help you figure out your future.

There’s so much to think about at the beginning of the school year. There are new class schedules to figure out, prom […]

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Do I Even Need A Major?

Yes you do. And asking yourself some questions now can help you make the right choice.
For the past 10-plus years, you’ve been part of a highly structured system. You took […]

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These Jobs Need You!

Some industries are practically begging for help.
Did you know there’s a worker shortage in Florida? Several industries throughout the state are having a hard time finding people to hire. This […]

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Can I Get By Without A Car?

With the cost of owning and maintaining a car setting you back at least $480 per month* — not including parking permits — it’s worth asking yourself: “Do I really […]

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How To Hack Google

Get the most out of your searches with these tips.Exclude a word
Say you want to learn more about the Seminole tribe of Florida, but you keep getting results about Florida […]

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