How To Hack Google

Get the most out of your searches with these tips.Exclude a word
Say you want to learn more about the Seminole tribe of Florida, but you […]

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Can I Really Find Free Money For College?

The money’s out there, so don’t miss any opportunity to get your share.
Start your search right here with the NEXT Scholarship Guide — a list […]

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Make the MOST of Your Volunteer Hours

Tips for finding a service project that matters to you — and to your community.

Many scholarships require you to complete a certain number of community […]

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What if I Change My Mind?

It’s not the end of the world if your first choice school doesn’t work out.
Across the state, students are trying to pick the best college, […]

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Can You Get Paid to Go to College?

Think you can’t afford a college degree? Think again. Around the state, some students are getting paid to go to school. You heard that right. […]

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