4 Critical Questions To Ask Yourself

The answers will help you figure out your future.

There’s so much to think about at the beginning of the school year. There are new class […]

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Do I Even Need A Major?

Yes you do. And asking yourself some questions now can help you make the right choice.
For the past 10-plus years, you’ve been part of a […]

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These Jobs Need You!

Some industries are practically begging for help.
Did you know there’s a worker shortage in Florida? Several industries throughout the state are having a hard time […]

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Can I Get By Without A Car?

With the cost of owning and maintaining a car setting you back at least $480 per month* — not including parking permits — it’s worth […]

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Florida Lottery Bright Futures Spotlights

Where could a Bright Futures Scholarship take you?
Since 1988, Florida Lottery-funded merit scholarships have sent more than 750,000 students to college and beyond. Even if […]

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