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Which School Is Best for YOU?

From state colleges and universities to private colleges to one-year certifications, there are lots of options for how and where you continue your education after […]

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Get your ACT or SAT together

There’s no getting around it. Taking the SAT or ACT is a rite of passage if you want to attend college. But like most challenges, a […]

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Now’s the Time to ACT!

What to do — and when to do it — to take charge of your future.
By the start of junior year, you should have …
• […]

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What Does Taking Charge Mean to You?

Four students – maybe one of them is just like you — reveal how they overcame the obstacles that were holding them back in school […]

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Take Charge of Your Health!

Stressed out? Sniffling? Sneezing?
Welcome to College!

Every year the Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness at Florida State University issues a survey asking students what prevents […]

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